How To Nurture Your Creative Side In 5 Simple Ways

How To Nurture Your Creative Side In 5 Simple Ways

Everyone of us is creative in our own special ways. But most of us need a boost and still craves for inspiration. Normally, an inspiration is not that easy to find. Especially if you don’t know where to start looking.

As much as we thought that inspiration can be found around us, we tend to overlook the reality that we should start looking within ourselves.

Once we practice finding inspiration inside us, creativity will soon follow. So how should we nurture our inner creativity?

Here are five simple ways on how to nurture your creative side that might help.

How To Nurture Your Creative Side In 5 Simple Ways

How To Nurture Your Creative Side In 5 Simple Ways


Create a mood board and put it on your office or bedroom wall so you can be reminded of it everyday. Pin notes and photos of the things you want to achieve.

It’s easier to be reminded of what you want to achieve when you are constantly being reminded of it. Also, it’s like you are honing the so-called LAW OF ATTRACTION.

Try to be specific with what you want.

Picture even the smallest detail and include it on your mood board. These images can serve as your great motivators letting you realize that what you desire most is just within reach.

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Acknowledging the skills you’re good at will boost your confidence to step outside your comfort zone. This goes the same with accepting the things you can’t do.

Knowing your limitations will give you an idea on when to stretch your talent as well as formulate a back up plan in case you face something that is not your forte.

We are not born perfect, we have our flaws. As a human being, we have to openly accept the things we lack and adapt to it. You don’t have to put pressure on yourself if you fail at something. Try to loosen up a little and everything will turn out fine.


Being unique is always an advantage. Remember to keep doing what you’re good at. It will create a huge impact on your improvement, and avoid distractions.

Being original is an asset. You can look at that works of others but only as an inspiration. Not because someone is renowned for a certain style that doesn’t mean you have the liberty to imitate what they do.

"Being unique is always an advantage. Being original is an asset." – Larrem Atienza Click To Tweet

Finding your own sense of style can be used as your own distinction. It will be easier for others to identify your work. Lastly, avoid comparing yourself with others.


Be kind enough to return the favor of thanking the people who still continue to support you ( like your family and friends). Being appreciated and looked up to by others is really something special.

The kind words and overflowing love of the people around you can fuel your passion to create more. Being happy and inspired makes a huge difference in the world of creativity.

You will get to enjoy more what you are doing without feeling tired or exhausted.

Your support group are your first set of believers. They are the ones who can acknowledge your talent aside from yourself.

Do your best each time to keep them proud.


Being thankful about your success will keep you happy, content, and humble. It will make you realize how fortunate you are that despite the hardships, the reward is always worth it.

Also, it will encourage you to give back to those people like you are in need of support and inspiration.

Never forget to be grateful even for the smallest things.

We tend to always forget those under the silver linings but they can do great things in our lives even if we don’t pay much attention to it.

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How To Nurture Your Creative Side In 5 Simple Ways

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