97 Positive Affirmations That Will Dramatically Change Your Life

97 Positive Affirmations That Will Dramatically Change Your Life

97 Positive Affirmations That Will Dramatically Change Your Life

97 Positive Affirmations That Will Dramatically Change Your Life

These positive affirmations can help you realize your desires and dreams in life. Set your intention and choose a positive mindset to support your dreams, visions and goals in life.

As we often share phrases , thoughts and statements on this site , for your personal development and well-being or simply to give you inspiration, we have detailed on several occasions why we think that affirming can help reprogram your mind and can do a lot in favor of you.

The key point is that the statements you are going to affirm comply with the basic conditions so that they really help you to turn your mentality around.


Some basic suggestions before starting

  • Repeat them whenever you can either say out loud or in your mind.
  • Take advantage of moments like when you drive, while waiting for an appointment or while you are in the beauty salon , to name a few options.
  • If the statement says does not sound real to you, you can give it a spin so that your mind sees it possible by putting phrases like: I allow myself, I am on my way to, I open myself to the possibilities of, I am surrounded by, I am willing to … For example, if the statement were “I attract abundance and prosperity to my life.” You don’t feel it real because you don’t see it that way right now, you can modify it by “I give myself permission to bring abundance and prosperity to my life.”
  • Choose the ones that resonate the most with you and give you a sense of relief while you say them; if you feel the opposite and even adding the phrases suggested in the previous point do not produce in you a pleasant sensation, or you feel them forced, do not say them.
  • Remember that positive affirmations must be in the present tense, first person, they must contain terms that empower you and reinforce your worth in a positive tone.

If you are going to use some to start the day, create your ritual

One way to adopt a habit is through generating a ritual. It is easier if it includes activities that are pleasant or edifying for you, that is, make you feel good.

If you start your day well, early in the morning, you will be in a great mental, physical and emotional state to address whatever comes during the day.

Get up early

If you already do it just keep it up. If you are one of those with just the right time, get up even 15 to 20 minutes before. Start by thanking the fact of being alive, breathing and being able to get up and from there use your creativity and appreciate some other valuable things for you, including the challenges that help you grow.

You can do some stretching or some yoga

The latter if you know how to do it or already practice it. Another suggestion is a contemplative reflection. Enjoy the sunrise, the sounds of nature for a couple of minutes, connect with the moment you live.


Imagine how you would like it to be that day or your next weekend or your ideal vacation . The idea is to visualize something that leads your mind to a pleasant situation and at the same time expand your attractiveness . If you like meditation it is another excellent alternative.

Repeat some statements

Spend at least 3 to 5 minutes to repeat some statements. If you have heard about The Miracle Morning, you will know that positive affirmations are within what they recommend incorporating into your routine.

97 Positive Affirmations That Will Dramatically Change Your Life

Affirmations of Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity

  1. I am surrounded by abundance.
  2. I attract money easily and effortlessly.
  3. I am open to all the wealth that life has to offer.
  4. I see abundance everywhere.
  5. Abundance is my natural state and I accept it.
  6. I see abundance in my life.
  7. My life is full of prosperity.
  8. I am prosperous, money flows to me from many sources.
  9. Every day I am more and more prosperous.
  10. Money flows to me from many sources.
  11. Money and prosperity flow freely in my life.
  12. I live in an abundant universe free from all lack.
  13. I am open to the possibility that my resources are inexhaustible and immediate.
  14. Everything in the universe, visible or invisible, works for my prosperity.
  15. My financial income is unlimited.
  16. I produce economic wealth working in my passions.
  17. I allow myself to have more than I ever imagined.
  18. I choose to live in abundance and prosperity.


Affirmations of Self-Love and Self- Care

  1. Everything I look for is found within me.
  2. I accept myself and love myself unconditionally.
  3. It radiates confidence.
  4. I decide to give myself my best and appreciate myself more every day.
  5. I accept and recognize the divinity in me.
  6. I love my body and I respect it.
  7. I send love and health to every part of my body.
  8. I listen and respect my body and enjoy good health.
  9. I accept myself and love myself as I am while working on my continuous development and personal care.
  10. I appreciate the synergistic work that every part of my body does day after day.


Positive Affirmations for Health

  1. Every cell in my body vibrates with healthy energy.
  2. I enjoy full health and high doses of energy.
  3. I choose to enjoy and savor every minute of my day.
  4. I enjoy excellent health and live full of energy.
  5. I wear and feel healthier every day.
  6. I am aligned with the universe.
  7. I am a spiritual being who is divinely guided.
  8. I have a wonderful integral health, I feel strong and full of life
  9. The grace and love of God work through me.
  10. My body works the best way all the time.
  11. My body is healthy, strong and flexible.
  12. The light of Christ penetrates now into every cell of my body, I thank you for my radiant health

Affirmations to cultivate a Positive Mindset

  1. I reach the goals I set for myself.
  2. Every day in everything I do I am better, better and better.
  3. In my life, there is always an abundance of resources.
  4. I find happiness and pleasure in the simplest things in life.
  5. I can achieve greatness while developing my potential.
  6. My potential to succeed is infinite.
  7. Today all the doors open for me.
  8. I am creative and full of bright ideas.
  9. I deserve an abundant life, full of love and happiness.
  10. Everything comes to my life with ease, joy and glory.
  11. Wonderful surprises come to me every day.
  12. I receive with love and joy the wonderful moments that flow to me constantly.
  13. I always have everything I need.
  14. I trust that I am guided to give wonderful and surprising results.
  15. Today is a day full of opportunities and I open my heart to receive them.
  16. I thank you for the unlimited flow of good things in my life.


Positive Affirmations of Love and Relationships

  1. I only attract reliable and positive people.
  2. I give and receive love equally.
  3. I express my wishes and needs in a clear and assertive way.
  4. My relationships are full of respect, understanding and love.
  5. I am a valuable person and I love myself.
  6. I have close and healthy ties with my partner.
  7. I love unconditionally and without hesitation.
  8. Wherever I go, I am accompanied by love.
  9. My marriage (or relationship) is stronger, deeper and more loving every day.
  10. I maintain healthy and full relationships with my partner and friends.
  11. My life is wonderful, I love my family and they love me.


Affirmations for your Career and Business

  1. I generate economic wealth with everything I do.
  2. I am in the process of building a successful business.
  3. My work environment is calm and relaxed.
  4. My business is quiet, loving and full of wonderful and talented people.
  5. Through my business I make a big difference in this world.
  6. My work allows me to express my talents and skills.
  7. I appreciate the changes as opportunities to move forward and progress.
  8. Every challenge, difficulty or failure has made me a better businessman (or woman).
  9. I live an excellent year and attract the best options for me.
  10. Every day new and better opportunities come to my door.
  11. I am open to being a recognized, famous and much sought after professional.
  12. I am creative, witty and persuasive and I sell my ideas and projects with enthusiasm.
  13. I am excellent in everything I do and generate abundant profits with my projects.


Positive affirmations to live in Mindfulness

  1. I live my present with enthusiasm.
  2. I live here and now and I enjoy it fully.
  3. My mind is at peace.
  4. I live in the present and I have confidence in the future.
  5. Everything is fine in my world. I live happily and in harmony.
  6. I let go of the past and fully enjoy the present.
  7. I am excited to see what lies ahead today.
  8. My days are full of blessings every minute.
  9. I feel wonderfully calm and relaxed.
  10. I am in full connection with this moment that I live.
  11. I practice mindfulness in every moment.
  12. Mindful creativity is the key to blessings and miracles.
  13. Breathing in, breathing out, I return to my own blessed center.
  14. I have profound inner peace and serenity.
  15. I am mindful of my breath in each moment.
  16. I practice yoga, mindfulness and meditation everyday.
  17. Each day is fresh and new.


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97 Positive Affirmations That Will Dramatically Change Your Life

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