65 Positive Affirmations for Marriage That Will Build a Happier Relationship.

A healthy and happy marriage is a key to a successful and enjoyable life as a couple.  If you begin to see cracks in your marriage foundation, don’t knock it down by filing for a divorce.  

Carefully think and do your best to fix things with your spouse.  Assess the situation and identify the problem or problems.   Is it something that both of you can work out together, or will it require marriage counseling?

Remember, it will take the both of you to make this work.  Communication is essential during these times.

Whether you are newlyweds or have been married for years, give these positive affirmations I have compiled for you to get you started with the healing process. 

Unhealthy and unhappy marriages can damage your life and may change you for the worse.  Nurture your love and relationship with your spouse with these affirmations and build a happier and healthier relationship.

Before we begin, we need to understand what the term Affirmation is. 

Affirmation is a positive statement that describes a situation, goal, or a habit.  These statements are usually repeated to yourself by the purpose of triggering the subconscious mind to put into an action.  

An affirmation is a repeated statement that results in a desired situation put into a goal or a habit by taking action.  The act of stating the affirmation results in motivation, inspiration, and programs the brain to act accordingly to the repeated words.

65 Positive Affirmations for Marriage That Will Build a Happier and Healthier Relationship

1.I have a loving and supportive spouse.

2. My life is full of happiness, love, and satisfaction.

3. I have an amazing relationship with my spouse.

4. My spouse feels at ease with me.

5. My spouse loves me and respects me.

6. There is harmony and respect in my marriage.

7. Our marriage will become stronger and happier.

8. Our marriage will be happier and healthier.

9. I will focus on the positive aspects in our marriage.

10. I will work things out with my spouse in a calm manner and mature level.

11. I will focus on working things out and spending the rest of my life with my spouse.

12. I will stop letting my anger ruin our marriage.

13. I will listen to my spouse wholeheartedly when he has something to say.

14. My spouse and I will be together always and forever.

15. I love my spouse, always and forever.

16. Our marriage will make us a healthier and happier people.

17. I will take care of our marriage and relationship.

18. I will be more open minded and share love and happiness with my spouse.

19. My spouse and I understand and respect each other.

20. We pay attention to each other’s needs.

21. We work things out by talking and listening to each other calmly.

22. We both listen and respect each other’s decision.

23. We work together in building a strong, healthier, and happier marriage.

24. I am intent on nurturing our love and feelings for each other.

25. I am confident and secure in our relationship.

26. Our love and feelings for each other are very powerful.

27. I always see the positivity and beauty in my spouse.

28. We simply enjoy and love each other.

29. We are soulmates and destined to be together.

30. Our marriage and relationship is meant to be long term and forever.

31. I am naturally aware and concerned for my spouse’s feelings.

32. I am happy and grateful with my marriage.

33. We love each other as always and just the way we are.

34. I am confident in our love and feelings for each other.

35. Our marriage is naturally healthy, strong, and happy.

36. I sim1ply want us to be together no matter how tough the obstacles come on our way.

37. I am inspired that my marriage is becoming stronger, deeper, and loving each day.

38. My spouse respect, loves, and accepts me for who I am.

39. I enjoyed being in love with spouse.

40. I thrive and enjoy a loving and supportive spouse.

41. I am safe and secure with my spouse.

42. I admire my husband for being loving and caring.

43. I accept the warm, loving, and committed marriage in my life.

44. I love loving and being loved by my spouse.

45. I accept my spouses genuine love and divine right now.

46. I go through life knowing my spouse loves for me for who I am and wholeheartedly.

47. I attract a healthy and happy marriage right now.

48. I love sharing amazing conversations with my spouse.

49. I enjoy and thrive in the company of my spouse.

50. I love having fun and laughing in my marriage.

51. I love that my marriage is in harmony with my highest good.

52. I accept that I am loved and treasured by my spouse.

53. I give and receive love unconditionally and fully in my marriage.

54. I love being supported by my spouse.

55. I know that every fiber of me enjoys the most supportive, loving, and caring spouse.

56. I accept that I am infinitely loved by my spouse.

57. I totally respect and love my spouse.

58. I communicate with my spouse with a loving and caring behavior.

59. I respect my spouse’s opinions and feelings.

60. I love adding romance in our marriage.

61. I let my spouse delight me with romance.

62. A river of romance fills our marriage with love and happiness.

63. I give and receive romance in our marriage freely and happily.

64. I am open to receiving more romance in our marriage.

65. I love the romance in our marriage and the romance loves me.

I hope these affirmations for marriage will give you the motivation and inspiration to fight for your relationship.  Let me know in the comment below if this has inspired you and motivated you to work things out with your spouse.  

Thank you and have a happier and healthier married life!

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65 Positive Affirmations for Marriage That Will Build a Happier Relationship

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