How To Rekindle Your Relationship And Find Love Again

How To Rekindle Your Relationship And Find Love Again

How To Rekindle Your Relationship And Find Love Again by
Rachel – Founder and Author of DoctorForLove

Do you feel like you’re a little bit lost, stress and life are overwhelming  and now you are looking for ways to rekindle your relationship?

We’ve all been there.

Long-term relationships are one of the best things ever, a proof that love exists and can be nurtured for years. 

However, with the years passing by, we almost don’t notice that the relationship is going into a very dangerous path – the one of lowly losing the magic and the closeness.

So, how do you rekindle your relationship? How do you bring the romance back and enjoy a reborn fulfilling relationship?

In this post, I will show you 5 must-try ways to rekindle your relationship. 

1. Actively Spend Time Together

“Duh!”, I hear you say. Of course, you spend time together. You probably even live together.

But are you “active” during this time? How much of your time together do you dedicate to the other? Live aside the cooking and the cleaning. They aren’t “active time together” but just everyday chores that must be done with or without having a partner. 

What do you do after dinner? Maybe watching TV? Talking about the same things you talked about yesterday? Plan a few events throughout the month?


Time together means to switch off the TV, leave the phones aside and have a proper conversation. Talk about something you’ve never talked about. Discuss topics you’ve never explored before. Get to know each other all over again. If you cook, do it together.

Take a shower together. Dine in the bed instead of on the boring kitchen table. Cuddle. Tickle each other. Have a pillow fight. Go for a walk. Visit antic shops together. Work on planning a vacation. 

Talk. Share. Hold hands. At home. Together.

2. Prioritise Your Relationship Again

At the beginning of your relationship, all you could think of was how to make time for being together, right? You would arrange and rearrange things until you find that precious window of time to see each other. Every day.

When did that change?

The thrill from the beginning may never come back, but the warm feeling of togetherness that replaced it is way better and long-lasting. 

How do you keep that fire burning, though?

Prioritise your relationship, your time together, your feelings, your growth as a couple all over again. 

Instead of keeping yourselves busy with work, friends and day-to-day chores and activities, focus on you as a couple that wants to build future together. 

Here’s an example for you: Let’s say you’ve planned to spend the next Saturday going on a walk to the nearby park or watching movies all day and order pizza in the evening. Sounds great and you’re both excited to finally dedicate a full day to your relationship.

Then, on Friday night, your sister calls you and offers you to go out for a coffee the next day. You tell her you already have plans. She answers that staying home isn’t a plan, besides, you are together every day and you two haven’t seen each other in ages.

As a result, she convinces you to say Yes to the coffee with her. Now, your pizza-and-movies day is ruined. Your partner is disappointed, but eventually, he decides to make plans of his own too. Everything seems fine. 

It’s not!


I know you love your sister, your friends, your parents and every single Facebook friend you have. But they could wait until Sunday for this coffee and if it isn’t an emergency, they could wait until the next week too. 

Prioritising your relationship doesn’t mean ignoring other people, but instead, stay committed to your plans together no matter how small and insignificant they seem to the outer world.

3. Have Fun

Did you forget something?


Rekindling your relationship means having fun together. Again. Look for opportunities to laugh, play and simply have fun together. There are so many things you used to do at the beginning, right?

You would go clubbing, or spend time with friends together, maybe playing arcade games, hiking, biking. Simply put, you used to have fun. 

So, here’s a task for you: List 5 to 10 ideas to have fun again and start working on a plan to make them happen.

4. Set Up A New Goal

One major thing that would help rekindle your relationship is having a new goal. 

Working together on a new project is what will unite and push you towards each other. Setting up a new relationship goal will give you a few very important things:

  • Exploring new topics for conversation hence improving your communication.
  • Coming up with new ideas hence improving your creativity.
  • Actively researching for ways to make things happen hence keeping you busy in the name of a better future.
  • Listening to each other’s ideas and respecting them.

What would be your new goal? Maybe something you’ve mentioned for a few times in the past but never got around to start working on it? It could be anything: planning a wedding, buying a house, renovating your place, reorganising your life, changing your diet, exercising, learning a new language together, starting a business together. Anything would work toward rekindling your relationship. Just do it together.

5. Respect Each Other

It might sound a little bit weird to talk about respect when rekindling your relationship. 

However, after being together for years we tend to do the biggest mistake in the relationship: We believe we know the other person well.

Therefore,  we don’t ask questions, we “know” the answers. We don’t offer ideas, we just “know” what the other thinks. We argue based on what we “know” the other “will say” instead of approaching a problem with a clear mind and curiosity. 

And all that, my friend, is disrespect.

There are many other ways you might be disrespect or you disrespect your partner, but this one is the most hidden one in the long-term relationships.

Respect your partner in the way you would respect your parent, be gentle, be polite, ask for an opinion, create that connection again. Get to know each other all over again. We all change. You have and your partner has changed too. Respect that. 

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How To Rekindle Your Relationship And Find Love Again

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