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Self-Care: What Does It Mean to Take Care of Yourself

How to really take care of yourself and to learn to fall back in love with yourself. Learn to take care of yourself without feeling any guilt.

If you follow me regularly, you know that I often talk about self-care and the importance of taking care of yourself. But these terms can be vague or misinterpreted, so I wanted to devote an article to tell you what time for itself really means to me.


The term self-care is used a lot today, talk about taking care of yourself (and that’s what it literally means).

Self-care is taking time for yourself, taking the time to rest, take care of your mind, listen to your body, recharge your batteries and decompress.

We speak in particular of self-care in militant circles because the people who engage in difficult combats need to drop out of all that to find the strength to continue. Whether you are an activist or not, self-care helps to preserve yourself, to heal yourself, to feel good about yourself.

The problem is that when we talk about “taking care of yourself”, you can easily hear “putting on make-up, styling your hair, waxing your hair, getting your nails done”.

It is in any case the feeling that I have. So of course, when you like to think about its appearance, all that can do good. I am the first to say that a new haircut gives me confidence. But to reduce everything that relates to appearance and aesthetics to the fact of taking care of oneself is once again to press on the fact that these practices are compulsory, and especially for women.

That it is in our nature to love to dress up.While self-care is precisely allowing yourself time to breathe. And if I find that a new haircut helps me regain self-confidence, I also know that this is not what allows me to recharge my batteries. For that, I need to stay in bed with oily hair and watch Buffy.


How to really take care of yourself and to learn to fall back in love with yourself. Learn to take care of yourself without feeling any guilt.


Behind the complexes, the lack of self-confidence, the difficulty of accepting yourself as you are, there is often an unrealistic demand on yourself (demand created by society, I don’t want to make them feel guilty!).

We compare ourselves to the others who seem to do everything better, who manage to impose diets and fitness sessions, to sculpt their perfect bodies, not to be shy, to have wise children, to get up at 5am all in the mornings to meditate and do yoga, to have the ideal job, and the prettiest of houses.


Others do not necessarily succeed better than you. And even if they meet certain success criteria that you have not achieved, so much the better for them, that does not mean that you are worth nothing.

No matter where you are in your life and on your journey, you deserve to take care of yourself, give yourself time to rest and to practice what makes you feel good.

Allow yourself time to breathe, to regain energy, to rest physically and mentally, it allows you not only to have more energy to keep moving forward, but to do it with more positivity, and that, it changes everything !

When you take time for yourself, you also tell yourself that you are important and without realizing it, you reconnect to yourself and you learn to love yourself .


So what does self-care actually mean? If it’s not about trying to make yourself prettier, what is it?

Self-care for short is to take time for yourself without guilt and with no other goal than to relax and do good for yourself.

It can be hanging out in your pajamas on weekends, reading during your lunch break, drinking your favorite tea every morning, staying in bed when you’re not feeling good, or even just doing nothing.


After which do you feel completely relaxed, invigorated, happy, inspired? Do you have moments every week just for you, where you choose what you want to do according to your desires and not those of others? What could you do to allow yourself to breathe?

There is no magic recipe for self-care, each person is different and we have all our little tips to make us feel good. In any case, whatever activities bring you something positive, practice them without guilt and without pressure .

You have the right to take time for yourself, but if you ever find it hard to do it regularly, or you forget, it’s okay. Your self-care routine will gradually settle in, the will to want to take care of yourself is already a big positive point.

I hope in any case you will be able to find moments for yourself and that make you feel good. And to help you I have created a SELF-CARE PLANNER that you can download and print at the comfort of your home. For me, everything changed in my life when I started to be more forgiving with myself, to allow myself to feel bad when I needed it, and to practice as often as possible everything that made me feel well!

What do you do to take care of yourself? You can discuss it in the comments and share your best self-care pleasures!

PS: If you are looking for more ways on how to learn to love yourself unconditionally, then this book is highly recommended for you. This is for you if you’re having any self-doubt, feeling lost, or just need some insight in your life: Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workbook

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How to really take care of yourself and to learn to fall back in love with yourself. Learn to take care of yourself without feeling any guilt.

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