17 Signs He Is Interseted In Someone Else

17 Signs He Is Interseted In Someone Else

Have you ever suspected that your man was seeing someone else behind your back? It’s a frustrating and heartbreaking experience, and it often leaves women with many questions about the signs he seeing someone else. Is the relationship worth fighting for, or is it time to take a step back? 

With so much on the line, women must recognize when their partner may be involved with another person. According to a survey by, 55% of women have felt their partner was seeing someone else and 45% of women have caught their partner in the act.

The signs that your significant other may be seeing someone else can sometimes be challenging to recognize, but if you pay close attention to their behavior, it may give you a clue as to what’s really going on.

This post will open your eyes to some of the most common signs that he may be seeing someone else. From subtle cues to more obvious indicators, if you suspect he may be into someone else – learn how to trick your boyfriend into admitting he cheated.

7 Subtle Signs He Seeing Someone Else

He Keeps His Phone Locked

signs he seeing other people

If your partner’s phone is always password-protected and his social media accounts are set to private, this could be a sign that he’s hiding something. He might be texting someone else or communicating with them in other ways while trying to keep it all under wraps.

And with that being said, pay attention to how often he checks his phone. If he’s consistently checking his messages or hopping on social media every time you turn away, that could also be a sign of deception. 

Our smartphones are treasure troves of personal information, and if he’s doing his best to keep the content on his phone a secret from you, it could mean signs he seeing other people.

At this point, you may wonder if it’s OK to take a peek at his phone. While it might seem like a reasonable solution with all answers, it’s likely not the best idea. If he finds out you snooped through his private messages, that could end your relationship.

However, you can still access information. If you want to know what’s going on in your life, consider one of the online tools that can help you get to the bottom of it.

Today, surveillance software has moved away from governmental use and become more accessible to ordinary people. It can help you track his phone activity without being too intrusive. With the right tool, you can see what he’s up to on his phone: who he is talking to, when, and how often.

mSpy has proven to be a reliable and convenient monitoring solution. It gives you access to his:

  • Text messages and emails
  • Call log
  • Browsing history
  • Contacts
  • Social media activity, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Skype chats
  • GPS location tracking.

All these data are accessible on your secure mSpy account, allowing you to review his activity in real-time. You will be able to see who he is talking to and how often and be notified immediately if there are any suspicious contacts or messages.

He Never Plans Your Outings

Does he always seem to come up with last-minute excuses or wing it when you two make plans? This could be a clear sign that he is in someone else, as someone genuinely interested in you will put in the effort to plan something special for you.

If no effort is put into your dates and outings, it could indicate his attention elsewhere. People who genuinely like someone tend to go out of their way to ensure that person feels special and cared for.

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He Avoids Being Photographed With You

When a man is seeing multiple people at once, he will usually avoid having his picture taken with the other woman in case it’s discovered by the other person he’s seeing. 

If your man usually shies away from being photographed with you or makes excuses each time you ask him, it’s one of the signs he interested in someone else.

It can be suspicious if he always finds ways to crop himself out of photos with you or avoids taking selfies altogether — these are red flags suggest he might not want anyone else finding out about you two.

Pro Tip: He probably has a few pics of you two, but what if he captured many more photos of the other woman? mSpy has a tool that monitors all the photos his phone takes and sends to a secure online panel, giving you access to all of them.

He Is Vague About His Plans

When asking him what he has planned for the day or week ahead, does he give vague answers such as “not sure” or “just hanging out”? When someone is romantically involved with another person, they are usually more specific about their time and where they are going.

By scheduling your dates and plans together far in advance, it is clear to both that the time spent together is valuable and specific. However, if a man has many options (and we don’t mean his friends), then he might be more inclined to keep all his plans hidden.

He Suddenly Has A Busier Schedule

he has a busy schedule

If his schedule has become increasingly busy, with no real explanation, it could signal that something is going on behind the scenes. If this behavior suddenly changed without any warning signs or discussion between you two, then it could likely mean that he’s got another person in his life who’s taking up much of his time.

Business trips or other extended travel plans could signify that he’s trying to hide something from you. Although these trips may be work-related, be aware of the signals and trust your gut feeling if something doesn’t feel right.

He Goes Out Alone More Often

Does he often leave with little to no explanation of where he’s headed? If so, this could be one of the signs he interested in someone else. This is especially true if he usually used to tell you exactly where he was going and now suddenly refuses to share any details.

Does he become defensive or aggressive when you ask him about his whereabouts? It’s possible he’s trying to hide something and doesn’t want you to know the truth. He may even try to manipulate the conversation by turning it back on you, so watch out for this red flag.

Pro Tip: You can track his full route without giving him the heads up by using a GPS tracking app like mSpy. If he’s out and about when he said he was sleeping in, you’ll know for sure that he’s seeing someone else.

His Friends Know More Than You Do

Are you always the last one to know what’s going on in his life? If so, this could be a sign that he’s invested in new relationships. Not only is his inner circle likely privy to details about the relationship, but they might also know more about him than you do.

You can spot subtle clues in their body language and conflicting stories to figure out if your man has been keeping secrets. This is especially true if he avoids introducing you to his friends and family, as it could indicate that someone else is in the picture.

5 Signs He Has Feelings for Another Woman

He’s Making His Feelings Clear

Is it suddenly hard to tell if he likes you or not? If so, this is one of the signs he is leaving you for another woman. This could indicate that he’s developing romantic feelings for someone else and no longer has the same level of interest in you that he once had.

This is especially true if he doesn’t accept your affection or compliments. If he used to be affectionate and loving, but now you feel like he’s distant or avoiding your advances, this could also be a sign that his feelings have changed.

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He Avoids Being Alone With You for Long Periods of Time

Do you find that he quickly changes the subject or develops a convenient excuse for hanging out one-on-one? This could suggest that he’s not comfortable being around you for long periods, which might mean someone else has taken up his attention and presence in his life.

Guilt is a common emotion that comes with cheating, and if he’s guilty of seeing someone else, he may be doing everything in his power to avoid being alone with you to not suffer from feelings of anxiety or guilt.

He Puts Little Effort Into Seeing You

Is it becoming more and more difficult to have quality time with him? If so, this could indicate that someone else is his priority over you. Not only has he begun neglecting your plans altogether, but even when you see each other, the effort is minimal at best. 

It could be a sign that he’s looking for someone more available and attentive to his needs. And, unfortunately, your efforts to change own behavior probably won’t be paid off as he already has someone else on his mind.

He Has Multiple Devices

signs he is leaving you for another woman

Is he seeing someone else? Multiple devices can be a red flag, especially if they are all password protected, with you being left in the dark about what’s inside them. This means he doesn’t trust you enough to share an essential part of his life with you – which could mean that he’s got something to hide.

It raises suspicions and implies that someone else has access to these devices – someone he trusts enough to know everything inside of them. If he was just using them for personal purposes, he might be willing to let you have a peek inside his phone.

Pro Tip: Multiple devices usually hold similar information, such as contact lists and call logs. If your partner has two phones with the same contacts, you can catch him red-handed with mSpy phone spy app. The software extracts detailed information from both of his devices, so you can be sure to know if he’s cheating or not.

He Avoids Public Affection

Is your man hesitant when it comes to showing public affection? It could mean he doesn’t want to draw attention to your relationship and is afraid of people knowing about the two of you. This means he’s too embarrassed by your relationship or doesn’t want to be seen with you in public.

Naturally, some people are more reserved and don’t generally like to show public displays of affection, so it’s essential to consider your man’s personality before jumping to conclusions. 

Still, if he doesn’t gently take away your hand when you try to hold his but rather aggressively pulls away, it could be a sign that he’s seeing someone else.

5 Signs He Is Leaving You for Another Woman

He Fights with Your for No Reason

signs he is interested in someone else

If you find yourself fighting with your man for no reason, it could be one of the signs he has feelings for another woman. He may be taking out his frustrations on you because of another woman in his life who is not getting the attention and time she needs from him.

Consider the topic of the fight. Is it something that could have been resolved quickly if he had given you more attention? If so, this could signify that he’s got his head elsewhere. Loving relationships should bring out the best in each person and not be a source of constant bickering.

He Changes His Appearance

A sudden change in appearance could also indicate that he’s dating someone else. If you notice that your man is going out of his way to look good for no reason, it could be because he wants to impress someone other than you.

This is especially true if his clothing, hairstyle, and grooming habits change overnight. Take a good look at how he’s presenting himself to you and the world. Does he go out of his way to look attractive to someone else?

He Becomes Defensive When You Ask Questions

If he becomes defensive when you ask him questions about what he’s been up to and where he’s been all day, then this may be an indication that something is up. He may not want to get caught out in a lie, so he’ll be more easily agitated when you try to get information from him.

Pay attention if he talks in circles instead of giving you a straight answer. He may also be evasive when you ask him questions, or he may try to change the subject. Otherwise, he could simply be trying to avoid the conversation altogether.

He Showers You  With Gifts

Is he seeing someone else

It might seem sweet at first, but if you notice that your man is buying you more gifts than usual, it could be one of the signs he is in a relationship with someone else. He may feel bad for seeing someone else and attempt to compensate for it by showering you with presents.

The things he buys you might be small tokens of his appreciation or extravagant gifts that make you feel guilty for suspecting him in the first place. Whatever the case, these gifts may also be added to the signs he will cheat in the future.

He Avoids Being Intimate With You

If he suddenly starts avoiding physical contact or being intimate with you, this could be a sure sign that he’s cheating on you. A lack of intimacy can point to him wanting to get his needs met elsewhere due to dissatisfaction in the relationship.

You can consider he has low libido due to work fatigue or stress, but if it persists for an extended period, and he’s suddenly less interested in sex with you then it could be a sign that he’s seeing someone else.


If you’re noticing any of the signs above, it’s essential to confront your partner about them to work out what’s happening. Even if they see someone else, it doesn’t mean the relationship has to end, and you can still discuss how to move forward.

Trust is an essential part of a healthy relationship. Talking openly with each other will be beneficial in the long run, even if it means facing difficult conversations head-on. The best thing for both parties is to address these issues before they become too big or cause further disruption in your relationship.

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