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Top 18 Traits of High Value Women That Make Them Irresistible to Men.

As a modern woman, we have the power to be the best that we can. We can spread our wings high and do whatever we want and be whoever we want to be.

It’s all about being  CONFIDENT.

We women of today’s generation is more powerful and unstoppable when we want to become successful in our dreams and passion.

We can be the queen of queens in our own uniqueness and beauty if we choose to be one. 

Do you consider yourself a high value woman? 

Do you want to be a high value woman so you can attract a high value man into your life?

If you don’t feel like your of high value, then don’t feel dismayed, because today I’m going to build you up and help you unleash your inner tigress and inner power that will make you an unstoppable high value woman.  

Simply follow these powerful techniques I’ve provided below, and you will increase your value as a woman so that men can’t stop obsessing over you.

Have you ever noticed that some women seem to be born with natural charm and charisma, even though they may not be the  prettiest woman around.

This is because their beauty radiates from deep inside and is built upon the power of self-esteem and self-confidence all while maintaining a humble heart. 

This is what makes them so irresistible to a high value man.

High value men are drawn to high-value women the same way bees are attracted to honey.

Today I’m about to show you how you can unleash your inner goddess and become instantly irresistible to a high value man that desire of your heart.

So let’s dive in!

Top 18 Traits of High Value Women That Make Them Irresistible to Men

Top 18 Traits of  High Value Women That Make Them Irresistible to Men

1.She is confident with a humble heart.

A high value woman believes in herself. She believes that she can do anything in this world because she believes in her full potential and capabilities.

She is confident with a humble heart.

She is confident, but not boastful.

She is not afraid to take on challenges because challenges motivate her to learn more.

If she fails, she will learn from it and she doesn’t let her failures get into her head.  Instead, she will use it to take more chances to learn and move forward for the better. It’s these type of character traits that can attract a man of the same value. A high value man.

A woman whose confident with a humble heart is a woman that a high value men can’t resist to fall in love.

2. She doesn’t play games.

She is straightforward, but not offensive. She speaks honestly and doesn’t play games. She is only interested in attracting and keeping the right high value man, who values her as a woman the way she values him as a man.

A high value woman doesn’t play games, rather she values loyalty and commitment.

She is a woman who commits to the special man in her life and does not get involved with other men.

3. She is a beautiful source of positivity.

A high value woman has a positive outlook in life. She knows that there’s always a light at the end of each tunnel.

She is very optimistic and no matter how difficult the situation is, she always finds the light of positivity. 

She knows how to enjoy life even if life is hitting her hard. She finds ways to smile and laugh. Even if she has a bad day, she’s still grateful for the good things in her life.

She likes to enjoy life, because she knows that life is too short and she doesn’t want to spend most of her days being miserable.

She likes to enjoy being around her one and only man and always looks for the positive in her relationship with the man she loves the most.

She is a beautiful source of positivity to the people she is around with, especially to her man. 

4. She is not self-centered.

A high value woman is not self-centered and she seeks to understand her man the way he understands her. She will sit down with him and listen to him wholeheartedly.

She listens because she wants to understand.

She listens before she speaks.

She thinks before she talks.

She listens and speaks to her man without judgement.

She doesn’t only think about herself, but she cares about her man’s feelings and understands him.  This is a quality of a high value woman that a high value man will fall in love with over and over throughout the relationship. 

5. She embraces her own beauty and uniqueness.

She makes an effort to look the best she can and doesn’t pretend to look like someone else. She embraces her own uniqueness and qualities which in turn causes her inner beauty to radiate outward for all to see.

She doesn’t wear clothes that she is uncomfortable in just to impress people.  Instead, she makes an effort to look neat, presentable, and respectable.

This does not always mean she always has to wear designer clothes, but rather a woman who knows how to dress nicely according to the occasion. 

A high value woman practices self care and self love and knows how to make her own style that makes her feel good about herself naturally.

6. She is respectful and well mannered.

A high value woman knows how to respect and treat everyone around her with politeness and kindness. She doesn’t just love her man but  knows how to respect him the way he respects her.

She knows that love does not survive alone in a relationship because it has to be accompanied by respect.

She values respect in a relationship. 

7. She knows exactly how to gain a man’s attention.

She is simply adorable and sexy when she smiles. She is every man’s fantasy. She knows how to make him smile and laugh.

She knows how to look at him passionately and talk to him sensually so he is dying to get her alone. 

She knows how to make a man fall for her, but she won’t use that to take advantage of him.

She only makes a man fall for her if she really wants him in her life because she values a genuine relationship and a love that is authentic and true.

8. She doesn’t play the silent game.

She knows that communication is very essential in a relationship, so she doesn’t play the silent game. She listens and communicates clearly and effectively.

If there is something wrong with the relationship, she will sit and talk it out and listen before she speaks.

She listens and speaks without criticizing her man. Also,  she listens so she can work things out better and effectively.

9. She is a great conversationalist.

She makes the conversation interesting. She is simply a great conversationalist. She is full of life and shares her experiences but doesn’t brag about them.

She is open minded.

She is not afraid to ask questions and answer questions.

10. She is not desperate.

A high value woman doesn’t chase, she attracts. She knows how to carry herself as a confident woman that sends  no vibe of desperation.

She is not desperate to chase men, because she knows she can attract the right high value woman into her life.

She is not desperate because she knows her worth.

11. She is responsible.

A high value woman takes responsibility for her decisions and actions both professionally and personally. 

Taking responsibility builds confidence, and higher confidence increases a person’s value.

12. She doesn’t play the blame game.

A high value woman doesn’t point fingers at someone else if something didn’t work out the way she planned it. She fixes things in a well mannered and polite way. 

If things are not going great in her relationship with her man, she doesn’t play the blame game, instead she will figure out how to fix things with her man.

She will listen to him with an open mind to fix things with him rather than blaming him.

13. She enjoys life and lives in the  present.

She lives life to its full bloom and to its fullest. She enjoys every moment life gives her. She takes whatever her man is giving her, because she knows how to appreciate every little thing in life.

Her full bloom of happiness and aura makes a man intrigued, so much so,  that he can’t help but think about her nonstop.

14. She is not obsessed with love.

A high value woman is not in love with the idea of being in love. She is not addicted to feel the need to be in love so she can be complete.

She certainly knows that she is complete and worthy with or without the romantic love, because she knows that the right love will enter into her life naturally. 

She doesn’t chase love, rather she enjoys her life to the fullest. She is fierce and sets standards because she knows she has the choice and doesn’t have to settle for just anything.

15. She doesn’t have a  Cinderella complex.

She doesn’t spend her days daydreaming about having a prince charming to complete her life and make her happy. She believes that life is full of blessings and she is happy.

16. She doesn’t play the emotional games.

A high value woman has a total control and  awareness over her emotions, while still allowing herself to be a little vulnerable at the same time. 

When her man seems to be distant, she doesn’t pull him in, rather she gives him space. She respects what her man’s heart feels and doesn’t lash out her man.

17. She has a growth mindset.

A high value woman always looks for improvement. She enjoys challenges because she knows it will improve her overall well-being. She is resilient to criticism and doesn’t take things personally. 

In her relationship with her man, she approaches things with a  “we can do it together” attitude. 

18. She practice self-care and self-love.

A high value woman knows that she can only give love to others if she loves and cares for herself  first. She knows that self-care and self-love is not selfish. 

She knows that the more she takes care of herself both mentally and physically the more people will value her and care about her.

A high value woman knows that the best investment she can give herself is to take care of her inner peace, love, and health. The way she brings the same love and peace to the people she surrounds with, most especially,  to her man.

So there you have it my dear! I’ve given you these 18 powerful traits of a high value woman. I’m not saying that these are the only qualities of a high value woman. There are many more traits of a high value woman.  I’ve only given you the top ones that came up most often.


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Top 18 Traits of High Value Women That Make Them Irresistible to Men

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