7 Beautiful Ways to Take a Sweet Revenge On a Guy That Broke Your Heart Into Pieces

7 Beautiful Ways to Take a Sweet Revenge On a Guy Who Broke Your Heart Into Pieces

7 Beautiful Ways to Take a Sweet Revenge On a Guy That Broke Your Heart Into Pieces

So you dream of revenge – oh that sweet, sweet revenge.

When we are hurt, our first reaction is anger. If you could, you would strangle him. You don’t understand why things ended up like this. Why did he break your heart and then trample on it and leave it on the side of a road?

You don’t know what hit you and why you feel the way you feel. Amidst all of your anger, you just can’t figure out what to be left behind can be a good thing. You don’t understand that it has given you another chance to find true love, that getting rid of it is the best thing that can happen to you.

So you dream of revenge – oh that sweet, sweet revenge.

I’m not talking about scratching his car because that would be worrying. Getting revenge is a good thing, but only if it doesn’t make you lower yourself or do anything. Let’s say I’m talking about healthy revenge, the kind of revenge that makes you feel better without hurting it directly.

Discover some of the ways to annoy him, but take the path of wisdom, leaving your ego and pride intact:

The 7 Sweet and Beautiful Ways to Take a Sweet Revenge on Your Ex

1. Move on and make sure he knows it.

You have to forget it and move on. Be brave and make sure he knows it. Do not give him the satisfaction of seeing that by leaving you, he has hurt you.

Give him no reason to think it was the most important thing in your life, even if it was. He doesn’t deserve it, precisely because he left you, without really having an end. He behaved like a child and not like a man.

The best revenge you can take is to move forward: you’re doing very well and I’m sure he knows it.

2. Let the Karma works for you.

You have practically nothing to do. Forget the little games and deceitful projects because they will do you no good. They will only give you fleeting satisfaction, but very quickly you will become bitter and sad again. Let the karma work and beautiful things happen.

If he deserves to be punished, he will be punished without you having to do anything. You know what we say: “We reap what we sow. And that’s what will happen to him, you’ll see.

3. Keep healthy.

Train yourself ! When you have time, play sports. Not only is it good for your health but it is also a great way to relieve the pressure and it induces a feeling of soothing as if nothing could reach you.

In addition, you will get a dream body! As soon as he sees you and your sensational form, he will be sorry to let you go, but it will be far too late.

4. Choose the path of wisdom.

I know that you want to yell at him and that you are frustrated but believe me, sometimes it is better to say nothing and choose the path of wisdom. Just ignore it.

If he has cheated on you, he is probably a narcissist and there is nothing in the world that narcissists hate more than being ignored. You will touch his Achilles heel by adopting the law of silence.

5. Find your old and inner self.

Rather than taking revenge, focus on healing and getting better. Because if you focus on him and how to take revenge, you won’t have enough energy to get back on your feet.

Forget it and focus on yourself, getting better, healing your broken heart and regaining your self-esteem. It is natural to seek revenge and we are not all able to resist the temptation but believe me, it is much more satisfying and better for you to put yourself before him and move on.

6. Learn to be alone without feeling lonely.

Your life should not end because you are no longer with it. Do the things you planned to do with him, but do them alone without feeling lonely. If you were planning to go on a trip before leaving, go alone.

Believe me, a little loneliness somewhere far from the people who know you is something that will benefit you. You have to change your mind and accept what happened. You can’t do it by sobbing at home or planning your revenge.

7. Start a journal and write down everything.

Start a daily journal and write down your feelings, your anger, your frustration and your sadness … Write everything down.

Free yourself from these feelings by writing them down. Forget perfection, you don’t need to be a writer so It doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t even have to make sense. The only goal is to free yourself from it.

You will see, you will feel better and who knows, maybe you will discover a hidden writing talent and then thank this idiot who hurt you, manipulated you and left you alone. 

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7 Beautiful Ways to Take a Sweet Revenge On a Guy That Broke Your Heart Into Pieces

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