Why You Should Have a Genuine Friend in Your Life

Why You Should Have a Genuine Friend in Your Life

Why You Should Have a Genuine Friend in Your Life

Here are the reasons why each of us should have at least one brutally genuine friend:

1. They choose people they surround themselves with

They usually have a smaller number of friends. They favor quality over quantity.

If you are lucky enough to be on their short list of friends, make sure they are your true friends in every sense of the word.

2. They won’t say BS behind your back

They are simple. If they have something to say to you, they will tell you the opposite.

You will be the first to find out if something is wrong with them.

This is why you will have better communication and stronger links.

3. They are brutally honest about everything.

Truth is their only means of communication.

Genuine friend will tell you the truth, even if you are not ready to hear it, even if it can hurt.

They will not beat around the bush. They don’t have time for this.

4. Genuine friend is your best style critics

They will make sure that you never leave the house looking like a drag.

They will have no problem telling you if something is wrong with you.

5. They’re fun and hilarious to hang out with

It is adventurous to be friends with them.

You are always going to have so much fun with them, whether it’s a night out or staying at home chilling.

6. They use sarcasm to show affection

They do not openly show their feelings. But a sarcastic remark from them will mean a lot to you.

They might say something like “This is the ugliest shirt I have ever seen, but you, it fits you perfectly”, and they know that you will have understood the message and that you will not be offended.

7. They are people with high moral standards

Even if people consider them rude because they never like to make things better, they have a strong sense of justice and easily distinguish between good and bad.

8. You can be comfortable to say anything with them

You don’t need to watch your language in front of them or be selective with your words or topics of conversation.

They create an atmosphere that will give you the confidence to open your heart and speak freely.

9. They will have no problem fighting for what is right

If they are sure they are right about something, they will defend their opinions by all means.

Generating conflicts and disputes is part of what they are. This can sometimes be exhausting, but in general it is useful.

10. They will help you learn to defend yourself

The advantage of knowing someone who says things as they are is that you can learn a lot from their behavior, just by watching or listening to their advice.

This will help you be more direct and keep others from bothering you.

11. They will inspire you to become the best version of yourself

Genuine friends are the best source of inspiration. They will inspire and motivate you to do you best and achieve your visions and goals.

They are successful people and they will inspire you to become one and become the best version of yourself.

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Why You Should Have a Genuine Friend in Your Life

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